Friend Mail February or, Flow Journal February

Friend Mail February or, Flow Journal February

It has been several years since I made a Flow Journal!  The last time I made one was for the 12 Days of Christmas collab.  Julie, from DearJulieJulie and I swapped our Journals.  It was a lot of fun!  It was my first time making a Flow Journal. 

I thought making a Flow Journal would be a great follow up to getting our craft spaces Organized.  In my Facebook group, Cara Brandon and Friends we have a Flow Journal event!  In a future blog post I will share pictures of the Flow Journal I receive from the swap!

In a recent video I shared how I put together a Flow Journal I am going to send to my swap partner.  

You can check that video out here. 

Flow Journal Video 

I still have 1 or 2 more Flow Journals to make.  I'll come back to this blog post and attach those pictures!  

I hope you join us for the Flow Journal Swap event in Cara Brandon and Friends Facebook group! 


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